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The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC handles all Felony and Misdemeanor DWI cases in Manhattan. Mr. Discioarro was a DWI prosecutor in New York City for five years and handled hundreds of Drunk Driving cases in that time. Mr. Discioarro offers the best chances of beating your DWI case by exploring all of the avenues of dismissal.

After leaving that post, Mr. Discioarro opened The Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC in order to serve his clients in the most effective way possible. The stresses of violation of probation or parole charges are great. Jail time, fines, and loss of livelihood are all possibilities that must be dealt with. An exceptional understanding of case investigation, presentation and vast trial experience is crucial. The background in courtroom experience serves your best interests, as not all lawyers have the skill to defend a case in a court of law.

When facing these charges, you need an attorney that not only understands the law but know how the procedure works in each county. This is because each Department in NYC handles cases differently due to the fact that each county elects its own District attorney. "I enjoy helping people during a very stressful time in their lives." he said. Mr. Discioarro has also appeared on Fox News, ABC, CNN, Associated Press, New York Times, Daily News, The New York Post, and other publications discussing a veriety of criminal issues.You do not need to face these charges alone.Give yourself the best chance at keeping your record clean. Contact the Law Offices of Michael S. Discioarro, LLC and protect your rights. If you have been charged with a DWI in Manhattan, contact Mr. Discioarro at 917-519-8417.